Our Story

Our Founder and CEO, Ryan Maina grew up playing soccer in Kenya. He enjoyed the game so much, that he would turn everything he came across into a soccer ball from empty cans, pebbles, plastic containers, etc.
"Juggling/keepie-uppie was a big thing for us," he says
"As kids, we competed in Juggling/keepie-uppie to show people how good we were and you be in automatically be selected to the neighborhood team. At first, he was not good at juggling, So he sought to find a solution to this. He figured out that he needed to work on his balance and ball control.
He started to place small sticks and twigs upright on his foot trying to balance them and that greatly improved his balance and ball control that many years later he ended up playing professionally.
Ryan currently has 3 patents and he continues to bring innovative products and content to empower players to reach their full potential. He is also the inventor of Soccer sidekick/futsolo