One of the most important parts of a soccer player's development is to learn how to juggle a soccer ball (keepie uppie).

Juggling soccer balls helps soccer players develop soft touch, body balance, eye and foot coordination among many other aspects of the game.

But here is the problem, it's not easy and millions of young players around the world can’t juggle a soccer ball

Solution? JAGOLES!!

JAGOLES is the best tool for beginners in juggling. It helps young players learn how to juggle a soccer ball and get better at juggling soccer with confidence.

JAGOLES helps with the basics of juggling like body balance, feet movement, and concentration.

The biggest tip on how to juggle a soccer ball is trying to keep the ball in a straight line from the part of your body you are using to juggle.

JAGOLES' patented technology is designed to simulate this straight line. The weight of the ball and the player’s body movement will want to cause the break of this line, while the player's goal is to try to maintain this line from breaking.

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This is really a game changer

Coach Edwards, Green Eagles Fc

I got my son Jagoles and his ball control has really improved. Thank you guys

Marisa Grace